since the year 2000 i've been working quite a lot in the field of video art. most of my video projects have been released at demoparties, which are gatherings for people intrested in multimedia arts made with computers. this page lists all of the videos i have released, with possible links to download sites and also links to if the prod has been submitted there. is a website for demoscene related arts.
X is for pouet link. Y is for youtube link.

list of my videos:

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  1. Friendly Places(0x2a) 2:35 first video that i made. not available for public, and that's good nope
  2. N5.5 32:00 this video was made to be shown during the live performance of n at club la-bas nope
  3. pako 01:30 this was released at escape2001 demoparty, 4th place .mov X
  4. pako_eng 01:30 english conversion of pako X
  5. MFX: Congregate/Brainfusk 03:20 first video i did after i bought my own dv-camera. .mp4 X Y
  6. MFX: Future of future futurez 03:19 teh futare si here .mpg X Y
  7. MFX: back to italy 05:06 when the goings get tough, some people are leaving. playing around with some cliche effects. .mp4 X
  8. Jälki 01:48 made for competition. playing around with trail-effect of the camera, no actual hands can be seen in the video. .mp4 X
  9. MFX: b.a.t.c 03:38 boozing at the cabin. sauna, naked men, alcoholism. it's all here. .mp4 X
  10. trail of friendly places 02:35 made for competition. remix of friendly places. .mp4 X
  11. n5.5Remix 32:00 basicly, it's n55 with sound added. i also added the text remix none
  12. n20.9. 34:00 background video for n's live show at club la-bas, 20.9.2001. nope
  13. kupla 01:31 this was made for the kettupäivät shortfilmfestivals. was shown there 30.11.2001. part of this video was used in fortnight by mfx .MP4 X
  14. minulleko 01:51 made for the competition, CRAP .mp4 X
  15. the ass of britelite 00:35 VLP's fine productiono for the sceneboylove. released at symphony .avi X
  16. STATIC 02:20 just some tvstatic .mp4 X
  17. oo (infinity) 01:52 first silent video that i've done. aiming for a visual beauty. .mp4 X Y
  18. MFX: they fed me well but it was still a prison 05:06 i did this to celebrate my resignation from work .mp4 X
  19. NEGAdisconnect 11:02 this is a remix from nega:connecting people, nope
  20. Grey Park: 20.10.1 25:00 this video was made to be shown in the background during grey parks live performance at club la-bas, 20.10.1 nopez
  21. to brainwash the mind is a social disorder 03:45 this was made for yhteinen tajunta exhibition. also took part in the compo at theparty01 .mp4 X
  22. Baradelan: "Somnolence and shivers" 13:23 music video made for baradelan .avi X
  23. steel 01:00 first in the OneMinute series .mp4 X
  24. These walls are falling down inside 01:00 this video exists only as a QuickTime copy. sadly so. nope
  25. nanni 01:00 a one minute long video. .mp4 X
  26. Alternative Party 02 Invitation 01:18 an invitation for the alternative party .mpg X
  27. PNMF!tukehduin 04:46 music video which was made to be included in the first cd of pnmf! released by Musically Incorrect Records in December 2001. it actually wasn't on the cd-r, but so what. .MP4 X
  28. Agnosia - Turntablism with a chainsaw 03:28 aropupu skrätsää vitun veitsellä ja poppi soi. released at ms2002 .mp4 X
  29. Suspicion Breeds Confidence - Botanist's Endorphine Identity. 04:54 a video i did for Suspicion Breeds Confidence, a project from Frankfurt, Germany. released at ms2002 .mp4 X
  30. MFX:this could get boring after a while 03:50 b o r i n g. released at ms2002 .mp4
  31. MFX:the duck 02:59 burial ceremony for a dead bird. this video material was used also in here .mp4 X
  32. MFX:b.a.t.j.i. 02:47 mfx superstars enjoying a night the bar .MP4 X
  33. AltStork - Oksennusten yö 07:56 nudity. vomiting. male bonding. sceneboylove. released at altstork2002 nope
  34. AltStork - toinen yö ??:?? documentary of the normal finnish scene-life at summer parties nope
  35. Agnosia - live at AltStork 12:53 agnosia kicking it in at altstork nope
  36. Gralkonverter - Unvollkommene tiere 04:45 music video made for Gralkonverter. .mpg X
  37. heikotus 07:03 pretentious art .mpg X
  38. alt4invi 01:00 invitation to alt4. released at lamerfest 2002 MPEG1
  39. bondageparty 01:40 astu <3. released at lamerfest2002 .mp4 X
  40. veteen 09:06 the joyrney of a few heroes in a forbidden land leads to the sea nope
  41. PNMF!:Poikkeuksellista kokkausta 05:49 slow paced music video made for PNMF! .mpg X Y
  42. altinvi2023 02:02 juan and raul invite you to altparty 2023 .mov X
  43. destroy all beauty 03:43 oscillating noise .mpg X
  44. end of me 01:00 one minute micromovie version of destroy all beauty nope Y
  45. harmi 02:42 minimalistic animation. dedicated to FLO .mpg
    X Y
  46. koi 01:00 minimalism. a test whether someone can get bored in a minute
  47. august having a massage 00:55 short fiction with august enjoying a massage while contemplating life
  48. fear and love in helsinki 03:26 out on a dvd colletion by hate/love/fear/violence zip X
  49. mfx:molotovmainos 00:3? porn for you kiddies with funk by reed .mpg X
  50. nosfe-elokuva ??:?? kiddie porn .mpg X
  51. nosfe - minun elokuvani ??:?? ?? nope
  52. FAG - Atari Burns 00:43 destroy all ataris .mpg X Y
  53. Revolt! 01:52 made in the style of pako, now concentrating on recent news. .mpg X
  54. ??:?? self portrait. released at icecubeparty2003 nope
  55. we live alone - we die alone ??:?? made at the entrance exams of released at icecubeparty2003 nope
  56. we live alone - we die aloneREMIX 01:15 remix of the former .mp4 X Y
  57. my great movie 02:10 not really so great. sort of a self portrait. .zip X
  58. iso_vs_wamma 02:06 paavi and delffu having the great fight to see which of the groups is better. stream03 .mp4X Y
  59. i will fill you with my love 02:05 abstract short movie. symphony03 .avi X Y
  60. PNMF! - Milk is a weapon of mass destruction ??:??/
    music video for pnmf!. two versions exist. asm03 .avi X
  61. infinity^2 01:26 my 2nd silent movie. released at alternative party 2004 .mp4X
  62. blue season 00:32 study of black surfaces as blue .mov X
  63. lovecraft died at an early age 00:50 tragedy in red. .mov X
  64. tavallinen päivä kuvataideakatemiassa 00:44 an ordinary day indeed? .mov X
  65. 110 - cities under fire will not fall 05:27 music video for 110, same video material as in infinity^2 .zip X
  66. happy bday marius 01:00 prod made for fast compo at mi04 .mp4 X
  67. FAG - too wasted to think of a name 05:00 dokumentary from mfx+kewlers20years celebration .mp4 X
  68. enjoy the silence while it lasts 02:41 released at breakpoint 04. name explains all. .mp4 X Y
  69. rauha teille 01:44 video shot at former mental institution rauha nopeY
  70. rauha^2 01:10 remix of rauha teille, done and released at solskogen 2004 party .avi X Y
  71. if i could trade this ache for indifference 02:06 if i could trade this ache for indifference was released at asm04 .avi X Y
  72. Grey Park - 10924m 07:47 / xx:xx a music video for the grey park song 10924m. two versions exist. .mp4 X Y
  73. bloodbath 01:00 a school production. came 3rd at tum04 wild compo .mp4 X Y
  74. you need to listen 09:02 music by j. pitkaenen, released with a lot of controversiality at bp05 .mp4 X
  75. this is our breaking point 01:00 a fastly done party prod, releaset at bp05. my music&editing and a lots of help from suomiscene1 .mp4 X Y
  76. kasvaa 00:45 my first effort to do 3d anaglyphic video. it failed as that but the result is still quite okeyish. got 2nd in the competition at simulaatio3d. once again music by j.pitkaenen .avi X Y
  77. bzm=10y 01:32 celebrating 10 years of boozembly. released at asm05 .avi
    .3gp (smaller resolution)
    X Y
  78. saksalaiset osat 1-5 mocking the germans. a series of 5 short videos concentrating on the same theme.
  79. cleaning dentro by HiRMU 00:15 fastly made cleaning dentro. released at streamMEGA .mov (DV-quality) X
  80. aurora borealis by HiRMU 02:45 aurora borealis. came 2nd at streamMEGA wild competition .mov(DV-quality)
    .avi (divx 384x288)
    X Y
  81. lines 01:14 16mm film scratching. got 3rd at kindergarden 05 wild compo divx X Y
  82. this house is eating itself 09:22 16mm film with 5.1 sound. same material used in lines & rushhour, this was just made fastly to be used as background for the song. the only copy of this is lost.
  83. rushhour 04:05 16mm film + some editing and music from grey park. got first at kindergarden 05 wild compo divx X Y
  84. prospero ano nuevo 05:15 music video with music by j.pitkänen. came 7th in the wild compo at tum05 demoparty divx .mp4 X Y
  85. 25.02.06 23:23:23 background video for grey parks concert at maa-tila. n/a
  86. ...and capitalism brought us peace 09:01 video material from 25.02.06 and sounds from two grey park concerts combined to a commentary about capitalism .mov X
  87. ADD 00:40 released at breakpoint 06 .mp4 X Y
  88. lentoministeri 00:41 released at breakpoint 06 .divx X Y
  89. unofficial altstork 2005 invitation by ISO 01:27 made at breakpoint 06 .mp4 X Y
  90. no hurry 00:41 released at simulaatio4 .mp4 X Y
  91. gggglatch 00:45 released at simulaatio4 .mp4 X Y
  92. AgonyTorment 00:36 released at boozembly 2006 .mp4 .divx X Y
  93. itameri 00:xx released at kindergarden 2006 .mov X
  94. huar 00:53 released at brekpoint 2007 divx X Y
  95. boozembly 2007 invitation 02:03 released at brekpoint 2007 divx X Y
  96. finlandia 00:45 released at simulaatio 2007 dv X
  97. nekrotorment 01:00 released at stream 2007 where it came 2nd in the wild competition mp4 X Y
  98. r-q-m 16:32 for lost friends. .mp4 X
  99. galaxy zero 02:27 made for bcnparty07. won the compo .mp4 X
  100. necrobiosis 01:00 released at tUM'07 .mp4 X
  101. tripboat 03:53 released at Excession
  102. forssa 03:53 music video for a song made by gre park. released at kindergarden08. came 3rd there.

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