kolina - industrial/noise club


kolina is a club for good music. which means mainly industrial and noise. some electronic stuff is good too.

next events:

07.04.06 vt-club gelsomina uhreja kuten me kaikki nega pleasures and days + dj's 3euros

past things

03.12. at VT with Noises of russia (RUS) lackluster Vuk Panic tickets: 5euros some instructions 21.10. at VT LIVE: Kouhei Matsunaga Ovro Haeretici 7o74 (a co-op of Ovro and Niko Skorpio) Guest DJs: a. and dana tickets: 3euros

-------------------------- the fabulous noise symposium which was arranged with vainohulluus, will happen again this winter. and next summer there will be a weekend long festival of noise.