Finnish Amiga Party 2009 compos

If there's enough entries then AGA/OCS/ECS demos will be run in separate compos.
Remote entries are welcome!

Amiga 40k intro

Amiga intro with 40 kilobyte size limit.

Amiga 4k intro

Amiga intro with 4 kilobyte size limit.

Bootblock intro

Anything you can fit into the Amiga bootblock.

Amiga demo

Amiga demo with no size limit.

Protracker Module

Protracker music competition. Modules must be playable with any Amiga version of Protracker.

"Hippoplayer" music

Any song in a format that is playable by Hippoplayer.

Deluxe Paint or Raytraced Animation

Deluxe Paint IV-compatible animation or any animation that's been raytraced on Amiga.


Amiga ASCII art competition.

Freestyle Graphics

Any Amiga produced image is welcome.

Amiga video

The entry must contain content made with an Amiga or it must be about Amiga.

Coolest Amiga

Who has the coolest setup at the party?!

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